August 26, 2014
Meanwhile, back in Thornhill, Ontario…

What an interesting 5 days it has been so far.

Despite having to next to no money to my name, I’ve managed to have a good time at home.

Hopefully, I’ll get some tomorrow. Then I can show you some pictures of my visit.

But this is what I’ve done so far…

  1. Spent 90 minutes on an ass-numbing flight to Pearson International, in a centre seat of all places;
  2. Saw my high-school friend who still has his hair (lucky bastard);
  3. Celebrated another friend’s 50th birthday who still has his hair (another lucky bastard);
  4. Met another friend who still has hair (am I fucking cursed or what?); and
  5. Made my Mom supper yesterday and will make another one this evening.

Tomorrow, I’ll go into greater detail. Pictures to follow.

BTW - The internet terminals at the local public library are slightly ghetto. Hopefully, I can get some work done.

August 20, 2014
Wednesday Pre-flight Music Meltdown: Sam Kinison and Guns ‘n Roses - a perfect fit!

So I’m packing up some things before heading to my Mom’s place tomorrow afternoon, and I decided to get a little pick-me-up.

Thankfully, I subscribed to Rolling Stone’s daily emailed newsletters and discovered the “31 Most Outrageous MTV VMAs Moments of All Time”.

One of them featured the late Sam Kinison introducing Guns ‘n Roses in the most rock ‘n roll way possible…

For those NOT born in the 60s or 70s, MTV used to be about the music. With the 80s came the “say no to drugs” vibe in their programming. Eventually, the Video Music Awards became all about sex, (not) drugs and rock ‘n roll.

Nowadays, it seems that the VMAs are about sex, drugs, more sex and drugs, repeat, repeat… and if there’s some time left, rock ‘n roll. How I lament the good old days.

I’ll be watching them this Sunday, back in the good old T-Hill.

August 16, 2014
TBH: Michael Brown as a meme and the obstruction of truth.

Philip Snowden, in his introduction to Truth and the War, by E. D. Morel. London, July 1916, wrote “‘Truth,’ it has been said, ‘is the first casualty of war.’”

This analogy appeared to have been around since the dawn of recorded history. But with any conflict or controversy, there has always been 3 sides of the story. Sadly, in the age of soundbites, simple-minded sloganeering and 140-character quips, truth appears to be constantly on the receiving end of a smackdown.

Even before 9/11, if something terrible happened, the first reaction would be the pointing of fingers, the flinging of accusations and innuendoes that would eventually taint media coverage and cause the actors to make rash decisions to counter the trend.

The internet and social media have made matters worse, as people hit the search engines looking for answers in some of the darker corners of the web. While some sites offer reputable explanations, others exist to feed the fires of the wronged, the marginalized and the outcasts.

All that one has to do is simply go to various sites such as the Daily Kos, the Democratic Underground, the Huffington Post, Fox News, World News Daily and Free Republic to find the appropriate version of the truth with varying degrees of success. If this person possesses a certain political bent, chances are that the need for the correct can be easily satisfied with a mouse click or a tap on the touchscreen.

Over the past 7 days, the meme has been Michael Brown and Ferguson, MO police department. Long story short: white cop sees black kid; black kid now dead; black community rises up; Ferguson becomes Fallujah. The end.

Hopefully, saner heads will prevail, dialogues will happen and closure and healing can be achieved. But all these things cannot be achieved so easily if people simply depend on a Tweet or a Facebook “Like” to determine what is the truth.

While I cannot say who may be at fault in this incident (was Michael Brown threatening the officer; did the officer overreact), I did check some statistics on Ferguson (at least up until 2012-2013). And on top of that, I checked its crime rate. It’s no Chicago, and compared to neighbouring Kinloch, Ferguson is an island of tranquility.

This doesn’t mean that Ferguson is immune to gang activity, unemployment and discontent among the underclass: they exist in every big-city suburb in varying sizes. But the rapid escalation in violent protests may indicate that these factors, combined with longstanding issues between the black residents and the police are the prime contributors.

But it takes two to tango, and the local police hasn’t been doing a very good job explaining what happened either. It’s unsafe to assume that the enemy cannot exploit whatever means available to get a certain message or command across, and for some reason, the police delayed in providing detail of the incident to the public in a timely manner. Had they communicated sooner, there would still be protests but not at the level seen in the past few days.

Between the 2 parties, rhetoric has distorted the truth in such a way that most of the media reports have become nothing but manifestations of histrionics in varying degrees of ideological bent. There are still many questions to be answered, but it appears that the three most dangerous jobs in America at this time are young urban male, white male law enforcement officer, and the people looking for the truth between the former two.

All this, and both Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis are still relatively warm in the ground.

August 13, 2014
ICYMI: MacLean & MacLean

Before Trailer Park Boys, there was MacLean & MacLean, the foul-mouthed sons of New Scotland.

Blair and Gary MacLean hailed from Cape Breton. And back in the day, they were like Louis CK times 2. With guitars. And attitude.

I miss these fuckers. Listen and enjoy.

August 13, 2014

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So it be done.



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So it be done.

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